Charandas Chor (Marathi)


Charandas Chor (Marathi)

It’s a journey of a thief who is on the run and finds some more…………what else, thieves!!!

It’s a slice of life film spruced with layers of humour through our cute, naïve guy Charan Chandrakant More…….is he that naïve?

Charan is an apprentice in films and in turn of events he gets a trunk of 2cr original cash which he runs away with. From here, Charan embarks on a journey with 2cr booty, but his problem is, he wants to tell it all about the trunk and also wants to hide it all……..he wants to own the trunk and disown the repercussions…….confusing!!! But as Isaac Newton rightly said so- `Truth is ever to be found in simplicity, and not in the multiplicity & confusion of things’……We will find out the truth!!!


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