When the rich Raj decides to marry the poor Shabnam, sister-in-law Riya’s plans are foiled but she wouldn’t give up her evil motives even if it means throwing the lives of her loved ones in danger.

Riya is the second wife of well-known doctor Karan whose life revolves around his only brother Raj. Riya’s evil motives are soon exposed as it is revealed that she is only interested in Karan’s wealth and she even plots to own it by bringing her sister Natasha into the picture to woo Raj. But her plans go down the drain when Raj confesses about falling in love with the poor Shabnam. The latter has now to tackle her entire family before she marries Raj. Soon the wedding happens despite all attempts to stop it.

But the stubborn Riya still holds a major weapon against Raj’s wife Shabnam – Black Magic. Will Riya succeed in her motives or will Shabnam find a savior?


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