Jurassic Predator Trailer Unleashes the World's Biggest T-Rex


Jurassic World 2 is just around the corner, so what better time for hucksters to come out of the woodwork with their own dinosaur thrillers designed on the cheap. Maybe you can't make it out opening weekend? Well, never fear, you can always catch Jurassic Predator at home on VOD, and who knows? It might make for the funner experience.

In Jurassic Predator, scientists working at a top secret government research facility are conducting experiments to resurrect a dinosaur using prehistoric DNA. The scientists believe the experiment will lead to fame and fortune but instead it leads to death and destruction when the terrifying T-Rex grows at an accelerated pace. After rampaging through the research centre, the fearsome creature escapes into nearby Devil's Creek. The government hires a squad of deadly mercenaries to lead a search and destroy mission. It's man against the most vicious beast of all time - and neither will survive while the other is alive.

Directed by Andrew Jones, the movie stars Nathan Head, Richard Dee-Roberts, Jason Homewood, Derek Nelson, Lee Jones, and Lee Bane. While the Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom team have been raving about their practical dinosaurs, these guys have them to. There's definitely some practical fx dinos on the hunt! The movie comes From 4Digital Media and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

Andrew Jones has been making movies since 2006, and he's mostly worked in the often sneered at genre of the mock buster. He often does mashup titles like this, taking two very popular franchises and hammering one sorted movie out of them. He's done horror movies like The Amityvill Asylum, The Last House on Cemetery Lane, and Poltergeist Activity. He's also done a series of Annabelle knockoffs that start with The Curse of Robert the Doll and are followed by The Revenge of Robert the Doll and Robert Reborn. He currently has five other movies in post-production.

Jurassic Predator is clearly riffing on Jurassic World and the sequel Fallen Kingdom. That movie is hitting theaters June 22. So this thing is beating it to the streets, arriving on June 5. Though we doubt it will cause any disruption or direct competition. Let's face it. This is a cheap B-grade Drive-In piece of trash, as fun as it may be. Jurassic World 2 could also be called that. But at least it has some grade A effects being thrown behind it and an A-List Hollywood cast.

If you're hungry for more dinos this summer, and just don't feel like Fallen Kingdom will be able to satiate your every waking need, then go for Jurassic Predator. It looks like it will deliver the right kind of goods to your doorstep. Take a look at the first trailer and poster from 4Digital Media. It might look cheap, but that never stopped something from being an absolute blast.

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