Mike Tyson Vs. Steven Seagal in Explosive China Salesman Trailer


The China Salesman pits Mike Tyson against Steven Seagal, and it looks just as awesome as you're imagining. The action thriller was made by China's Wanda Corporation and is written and directed by Tan Bing. China Salesman also stars Dong-Xue Li, Janicke Askevold, Zijian Wang, Li Ai, and Eriq Ebouaney. If the first trailer is any indication, China Salesman will be an intense action rollercoaster, but that's not what really matters here. Mike Tyson vs. Steven Seagal is the real reason why we're all going to show up.

Based on a true story, China Salesman is a film about the dangerous and epic adventure to Africa where a Chinese engineer/salesman comes face-to-face with a corrupt competitor over the contract for the first African mobile telecom technology. Local tribesman Kabbah (Mike Tyson) and mercenary Lauder (Steven Seagal) get drawn into the conflict in a classic, brutal hand-to-hand fight while the entire country faces civil war battles. This could very well be the best underground movie of 2018.

China Salesman reportedly features an 8-minute battle royale between Mike Tyson and Steven Seagal, which is pretty much all you really need to know. We're not signing up for some heavy storyline supported by strong acting performances. Just give the basic facts and let Tyson and Seagal take care of the rest. So far, reviews have not been really kind to China Salesman, but they were more than likely looking for some type of Academy Awards contender, which this movie is definitely not.

As for getting Mike Tyson and Steven Seagal into the same movie, it was apparently just as hard as you think it was. Director Tan Bing has said that the process was "very difficult," revealing that he had to make two separate trips to the United Stated to finalize negotiations. Additionally, Tyson, who isn't exactly a wonderful actor, had to have the movie filmed in chronological order, while Seagal was only willing to sign on to the project if his character won the epic battle. Tyson also felt very strongly about his character winning, which Tan settled by telling them that neither one wins and that it's a draw, which is strange, because there is a definitive winner in China Salesman.

The brief trailer for China Salesman has it all. Tanks, bazookas, women, explosions, and obviously the giant tease of the battle to end all battles between Mike Tyson and Steven Seagal. The movie hits theaters on June 15th and will simultaneously be released on VOD, so there's plenty of ways to enjoy China Salesman when it comes out in a few weeks. Just don't expect it to be the talk of the town when awards season hits. You can watch the bombastic trailer for China Salesman below, thanks to the Cleopatra Entertainment YouTube channel and prepare for quite possibly the best 8 minutes of cinematic history.


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