The film is a whodunit murder mystery revolving around the murder of Rana who is the neighbor Gautam and Shinaya Grover. The investigating officer Lokhande initially considers Shinaya as the murderer after arresting her from the murder scene. Shinaya, initially refuses any claims of being connected to the murder but when her husband Gautam Grover confesses to the crime, she decides to change her statement and confesses to the same crime instead.

Gautam narrates a story of his connection with Rana wherein he reveals that Rana blackmailed him with a video that had Gautam in a compromising position with his girlfriend Ada Saxena who was paying guest, with whom he had an extra-marital affair. On the other hand, Shinaya too reveals a similar story and further adds that when Rana tried to blackmail and rape her over this video, she killed him in self-defense.

Lokhande is boggled by the different versions of murder stories he has and he cannot overlook the fact that Ada Saxena, Rana’s wife Durga who is a victim of her husband’s physical and mental abuse, Durga’s brother Raj Bhosle who fought with Rana before his murder are equally bigger suspects in the case. And now it falls upon Lokhande to find the person who is guilty of Rana’s murder.


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